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As we discover more about AI and new tools like AI-generated imagery, we continue to be amazed by their results and possible uses.

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Mike White X Dr. Aleks Krotoski

Dr. Aleks Krotoski, Social Psychologist, Broadcaster & Journalist deep dives into the impact of technology on our lives and relationships.

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Beth Gordon blog post image

Mike White X Beth Gordon

Beth Gordon, Trade Marketing & Communications Director, The Independent, discusses how to create change, stay true to your purpose, and get around brick walls.

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Mike White X Edd Atcheson

Edd Atcheson, Head of Transformation and Innovation EMEA at Adobe, delves into how to use technology to improve your marketing strategies and use the art of transformation to stay ahead of the curve.

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Balancing act blog post image

The balancing act

When it comes to work-life balance, at Lively we've found a role model in the Karate Kid. Here our COO breaks down our three benchmarks for balance as a hybrid workplace.

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Lets sit and do nothing blog image

Let's sit and do nothing, said no one, ever.

Why, in such a creative industry that we work in, are we not allowing time for boredom?

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Chris Garbutt

Mike White X Chris Garbutt

How do we navigate the constantly evolving advances in technology whilst remaining creative and at the centre of culture?

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Being more eco friendly image

Becoming more eco-friendly

Businesses have a key role in sustainability, and initiatives need to be part of a company’s agenda and active objectives.

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Rania blog

Mike White X Rania Robinson

Lively’s CEO, Mike White talks to Quiet Storm, CEO & Partner, Rania Robinson on how to master the balance between purpose-driven marketing and your brand mission.

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Event Trends 2023, part 2

The follow up to Part 1 of our Event Trends blog post, check out Part 2 here to see what else is on the horizon as we explore sustainability, integrated approaches and well-being.

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Mike White X Mike Ray

Lively’s CEO Mike White talks to Mike Ray, head of business & strategy at Unity Technologies, about how the world of experiences has been turned on its head with streaming platforms, technology developments including music in the metaverse.

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Mike White X Jason Carmel

Lively’s CEO Mike White talks to Jason Carmel, Global Lead, Creative Data at Wunderman Thompson about data, creativity, humanity and the metaverse. Read snippets from their discussion below, and don't forget to register to view the full conversation - it's quick, free and full of content.

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Can tech improve our creative storytelling?

Mike White X Victor Murthy

Victor Murthy from Pernod Ricard talks to Lively’s Mike White in our Fresh Takes virtual podcast. After watching our Fresh Takes panel live from the Contagious villa in Cannes, Victor jumped from audience to interviewee to share his experience of how to measure creativity and increase effectiveness. 

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When two worlds collide

When two worlds collide: the merging of B2B and B2C

They say opposites attract. But why is that? Is it because there are so many things that are different about the polar opposites that to find some sort of communality it is the things that do complement each other that come to the foreground?

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Event trends blog post image

Event Trends 2023, part I

A whistle-stop tour of the biggest event trends we are expected to see in 2023, with Lively’s opinion sprinkled in.

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