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We interview the innovators across a range of industries, looking for the insights, answers and inspiration to help us connect with audiences. On this platform you'll find an agnostic view of the future, in our mission to make marketing more connected. Scroll down to watch snapshots from our previous events featuring Logitech, Roblox, LEGO, Ericsson and Pinterest - and to join the new series with Pernod Ricard, Wunderman Thompson, VICE/Virtue and Unity Technologies.

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We talked to brands already innovating with their audiences in the metaverse

Najoh Tita-Reid, CMO, Logitech, speaking at Fresh Takes Cannes 2022. Register above for free to find out why Logitech entered the metaverse.

The gaming industry is leading the way into virtual worlds, so we found out about their experiences.

Christina Wootton, VP Global Brand, Partnerships, Roblox, talking at Fresh Takes LA 2022. Register above for free to find out how Roblox get to know their communities.